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Why Be transparent with the posts written? | Susan Lewis Marketing


Transparency is a wonderous thing.  What one person sees as an engaging pass time others wonder the whyfor of.!


That in a nut shell is transparency.




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2 step Twitter

Long may your outreach grow

Along with the good come the bad methods of actually getting things happening. More directly known as the White Hat verses Black Hat ideologies. However, somewhere in the middle you stand with what and how you manage your Twitter account/s. Twitter is now effecting the changed policies that, although aimed at the Back Hat methods, make a sizeable impact on the White Hat managed accounts. Changes directly affecting what time management and thus cost effextive applications you use with the servicing of your Twitter account – directly aimed at the unfollowing practices.

Let me explain. Platforms such as had a program where a person using their service could select up to one page worth of people who are not following them to be removals of 100 in less than minute. As a time management tool this assistance was wonderful.

There are times when you would find people following you in your own followers lit so you follow that someone just to find out a few minutes later they have unfollowed you as quickly. Commonly known as on of the Black Hat tricks.

In any given day should you be deemed to have been ‘aggressive marketing’ you would have received a warning notification. Continue you got a suspension. Something avoided at all costs.

Back to the basics

Twitter is a ‘Micro-blog’ communication tool allowing up to 140 character messages to go between you and me primarily in our Twitter streams. You can choose to make these messages so that others can see them.

  • Your primary aim being : Create a greater following. The strategy involves time management along with labour effectiverlty.
  • Objectives that come to mind being:  Increase quanifiable measurement results of actions, the quantifablle one is to interact with you followers through the provision of data for their interest and engagement fators.

Initially these are measured through the clicks and retweets obtained.

So what to do now.

The primary way is that you write a message say to myself using  the following twitter handle @cve4mejournal. The Twitter handle is the @ as the start..

@cve4mejournal Thank you for telling me this. And you tweet this. Unless Direct Messaged this tweet is seen only by your own followers.

Now this message Thank you @cve4mejournal for telling me this. Because your tweet actually starts before the recipients Twitter handle everyone within your stream and theirs will see that message. DanZarrella points out that “Tweets that contain the word “retweeted got more retweets than the average but fewer clicks”. However your Twitter handle is then rippled through the twitterspear and as your face is reconised the trust factors being to grow. The followers within the recipents followers may choose to now follow you as well when they trust you..

A second method is to just retweet the other persons message. Retweeted message have the ‘retweet’ within them..Again using DanZarrella information ” Tweets containing an@ sysmbol got more clicks, but fewer retweets.” In todays buzy work=ld people read things send to them by people they trust.  The down side is that usually these same readers judt do not have the time to scroll back to the top of the page and retweet.

The fact that you are open to retweeting is highlighted within your Twitter messages. People in business want the opportunity of you retweeting their message and they when the follow you for a time usually you benefit with measurearabe things such as Klout and Kred scores. Which combination % you choose to use to gain your desired clicks or reteend is up to you.

Now we are back at the beginning.  You open up your followers page and there fresh followers to follow. The choice is yours.

And this leaves

The people using black hat methods of following only to unfollow having a larger problem than yours when they are suddenly ‘stopped in their tracks’ and have to manually unfollow every single person they have duped into following them only to unfollow them quickly again. In the past causing you to be wasting your precious time.

So as you go to your unfollow assistance tools at least think of this as a positive. Grit your teeth and bear it when you realise you forgot to keep on top of the unfollowing practices you have established.


Step by step ‘hints and tips’ included for Facebook pages.

A short summary:

Working in collaboration with others re the colouration of content allows their voice to be hear to a wider population that they could previous have thought of as well as supplying each one of the participants with a ready made resource library.

Let us begin

You have a Facebook page right?.   Good.  You have been ‘sharing’ feeds to that Facebook page either from your Facebook stream or from other sources via different means.  This is

Interested in old cars then why have flowers in your posts?

Have a page that is about cars and another about flowers.

good too.

What you will have noticed is that the more use your Facebook pager gets the more people will like that page – they hit the little hand with the thumbs up sign.  

Does your Facebook pages audience come from a very ‘focused’ group of people or has this changed. as your audience has got bigger? Should you be preparing for this event now?

The answer to this lies with you and your time management.

In the case of ‘YES’ then this is what will be happening .

….You will make a Facebook Fan Page or a Facebook Group.  In this post we will primarily be discussing the Facebook Fan Page

You will then start posting feeds to this page while also getting people to Like the page.

Obtaining the first 30 Facebook Fan Page likes

The importance of this is more than just showing off a page and asking someone to like it.  Primarily one of your targets is to share the work load of that page.  Currently this workload is low.  Ask yourself “Is what you are doing important enough to share?’  When the answer is yes to this question the next steps are important.

People want to get their voice out there as well.  So they will want to place things on your Facebook Fan Page.  When you allow this engagement you have halved your workload.  Outsourced to others and shared the opportunity of doing so. However you as the overall manager are still responsible for the Facebook Terms and Conditions to be met.  One of these terms and conditions is not to be an advertising Fan Page.  Hence you may be deleting inappropriate items feed into the system.  Also contacting the person who placed them there and / or removing their ability to post the feed in the first place.  That is removing them from the management / administration rights.

Once you have your first 30 people the reports available to you increase.

Similar interests and different paint styles leads to many

 a comment or chat to begin

Click on the thumbs up hand.  There you will find visuals on the Likes and People Talking About This displayed.

On the bottom of this page are photos of Friends who like the page.  Face it.  They are friends with you – are you friends with them?  Click their photo and simply like their page.  Return the favour. These friends may come from near you – with similar interests [like cars or painting – or a combination of the two] or they may be a half a world away with similar interests.

These lead to greater viewer

interactions. Higher page rank for you is gained.

The next step is probably one you have repeated often by now.  Scroll down this friends page and like, comment and share various things of interest to you.  With the share feed the say photo back onto one of the pages you are an administrator for.

When you write a comment copy that comment before you actually post it.

Post the comment.  Now share it onto one of the pages you administer .. past that comment again. And share.  

Why you ask do this?  People who use social media measurement tools such as Kred really would like you too.  Others who are making their ‘Voice’ be heard also want you too please. For this they may be developing a Social Presence with XeeMe.  So please be kind to them and recognise that without their input you a) would not have had that feed in the first place to share with your audience and b) plagiarism stinks.  Acknowledge where you got that feed from and people will be happy.

On this point every time someone with significantly more “Voice” shares, responds, likes or otherwise acknowledges what you are doing your Social Media Measurement score rises.  What may have been only a score of say 10 before suddenly becomes 25.  So instead of 10 points x 10 posts/ feeds the numbers now are 25 points x 4 posts/feeds. This is important as the Social Presence measurements are like an upside down triangle.  Much easier to obtain another level when you are smaller in voice as the numbers between the levels are proportionately fewer. They too are putting their trust in you to respond to their reach out. So give them feed back and converse with them directly.  Visit their page and like, share and comment.  Keep a look out for them.

To like or not like / make friends with or not?

Some people find that having someone pop up out of the blue and claim they are their friend is a bit intimidating.  Really if you do not know the person then send them a message and ask then if you can add them a s a friend.  Conversely there are Social Media Profile Builders which encourage one person to befriend another person.  Also many professional teaching teams include this as part of the training. Usually the members are known as open network 


The first step then is to friend the other persons main page. The other person then friends you. from this point you now have the other person’s verification that they know you. [Since you are reading this this is my Facebook page. Please friend and like it and I will return the favour]. 

Also their “like’ is then able to be recorded on your page in the ‘Likes and People Talking About This’ section. They now will be having these feeds going through their home page and thus they can choose to like, share and comment on them if they see them. 

This verification [acknowledgement] is important to you re administration inclusion of them for your Facebook Page/s. This reciprocal arrangements of likes means that you are able to decide to make the next decision.  Now for the big decision….

To administrate or not?

Once your friend is actually verified and is in your system there are two ways of including them as administrator. Both ways involve seeking their permission … would they like to be an administrator … and to what level!

Ask if the person who liked your fan Page would like to be an administrator for your Facebook Fan Page before you make them an administrator!  Below is a copy of a Facebook Message sent to one  person….


Hello XXXX. I was just going over your posts here again. Would you like to directly share

them on the page ‘Do Feeling Count’? I know that I would love to have participate    in the administration and do this. Choice is yours. There are also other pages that are 

available. Especially if you have Facebook Fan Page you would like me to assist with as



Another way is to use VoIP… talk to them . 

Note that this other person may be unaware that they too can be part of an administration team – the benefits of team work and the rewards. Primarily that by posting on other peoples walls they will also increase their viewer reach potential. Yes increase their social media reach and influence and thus their score measurement increases.

Advantages of outsourcing the work load

An added advantage of outsourcing these page administration is that with everyone sharing the work load time may then be spent sorting out another aspect of your virtual life…. maybe even of your real life too.

Remember that what you are aiming for is reciprocally. Or do unto others as you will have them do unto you works well too. So.. go through these ‘likes’ pages and like, comment and share back to one of the pages you yourself are part of the administration of. If something does not immediately fit back to your page and there is a group that you being to then share it back

Not a car but too cute to ignore…

it went into the Teddy Bear Adventures page

immediately into a suitable group you belong to.

Later on when you have finished with all the liked friends pages go back through your fan pages and further share what you posted there into groups that you know about.

Have you heard of the factor input. When you do this sharing it is not just you that is doing the work. What is happening is not a doubling or even tripling effect. What is happening is the ‘power of a lot of people all collaborating causes a factor of effect. To this the Social Media measurements scores look at the effect and all who actively participate have the input measured quantified. The qualitative effects are those that take a lot longer to measure. Although both the qualitative and quantifiable measurements are equally important with regard to measuring the influence and outreach of your actions the long term measurements are the ones that keep you at the top… even when you have a few days away from your work as a break that you inevitably need. Real life needs your involvement every so often. Just to remind you that sometimes you are not an addition to the computer intelligence. You are a human being and time away is quantifiable to your health.


Be Wary though

Making someone a total manager also gives them the ability to cause ‘harm’ to your page.

 Choosing what to do that is in your pages best interests.

 When you open this Admin page under the pages title there is a row of the following “Page Info”/ “Settings” / “Admin Roles”/ “More” definitely read these so you understand what you are doing before you proceed.

 Go to..

You will see a little empty square box [ for their photo] and a rectangle box next to that.  


  • In the rectangle box start typing in their name. A drop down box with possible suggestions will appear.  Choose your friends name. Up pops a picture of that friend.
  • Now go to save [ button left hand corner.]
  • Another pop up box appears that says “Enter Your Password to Conform Changes.  Do this.
  • Hit confirm
  • Under the persons name is the level of which you or they may want to be.. Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser or Insights Analyst.  




Increasing the page range

On the actual page is a Friend like box.  A section in that box invites you to invite your friends to that page.  Let them all share your new found experience.  The more people invited the faster the pages message actually gets out.


While on the promote the page part of this post there is a section where you can do just that.  Your daily $10.00 US [currently] is well worth spending the money on as yes the people will come and like the page.  Good enough to get you started anyway.  Weather they then will post on this page is another matter entirely. 


Next to Promote the page is the ‘Page Insites’.  After 30 likes have been achieved you can see the data of what has been happening on that page. These are good to see.


Now we are actually on the Fan Page

The fan page has three parts to it.


The friends part [ we have covered this above]


The posts that the administrators place into the page. These take up both columns.  Since you are an administrator you are also privileged to see how many people have seen each post.  The numbers are at the bottom of each feed post left hand corner. Just under like, comment and share.


While you are looking at posts others have placed there do the page a favour and again like, comment and share what is there as well.  Remember that there are groups where you can post these feeds onto as well. 


Click onto the photo and.. 

 Your can tag the photo or further comment on other ones in the series. To do these actions hit the photo [once or twice] and the photo enlarges.  The back ground is black And two boxes are now in the centre area.  For each photo there is a forward and back arrow.  Next to the picture is a comment box.  Move the picture forward and a new comment box appear.

To tag\g the photo place your cursar under the photo the four words that come up are ‘options’, ‘share’, ‘send’ and ‘like.


Options: Download, Mark as Spam, Report and Enter full screen.’

Share: Up pops the following…

The first box within the box will say : On your time line.  Hit that and a drop list happens. On this drop list is the following to choose from:

  •    On your time line
  •     On a friends time line
  •      In a group
  •        On a page that you manage
  •   the last one is In a private message.



We are only concentrating on “On a page you manage’ However much the same method goes for all.


  • Hit the On a page you manage tab.
  • Immediately there is another’ title’ underneath.
  • Hit that.
  • A drop list of pages you a manage appears.  Simply hit the most appropriate one there.
  • Write something in the box immediately below. Cop what you write as then you can immediately paste this in the comment box nest to the picture. Less typing for you that way.
  • Then go to Share Photo button and hit that.  Further more your picture is going be right nest to that comment for others to click through on.  And so to your ‘Voice’ within the social media measurement is expanding.
  • Want to add a few more pictures in the appropriate pages that you manage.  Then just click on the arrows again.

Of course there is another way of doing all this without overcrowding your friends feed lines with just your pictures and posts. You Schedule the feeds. Rather than limiting the feeds to be shown to only those already on the Facebook System many different platforms can then have their information placed into the relevant FaceBook Fan Page.  Generally the external “share’ buttons used on other platforms do not allow the choice and will simply dump the shared item into your own stream.  Then you go back to your Home page and share it into the Fan Page.  From memory you can only share something twice.  The first and second time the picture or post is fed into the Facebook System and the next ‘share’.  The direct scheduling allows for a bigger audience that you initially may have.   Where possible I suggest that you post directly onto a page you are an administrator for then into a group that has a later audience.  Thus you capturer two focused audiences for the price of one extra share!!!.  Time management and social measurement heightens with see-able results.


The steps are as follows

At the top of the page is the address bar.  In the address bar is the URL.

  • Copy the URL.
  • Go to your Facebook Home page.
  • Open the Fan Page  your feed will go into.
  • Scroll down to the first available ‘feed box’.
  • Paste the URL in here and wait a few seconds. Now the feed will come up in the box.
  • Take out the URL that you place in.  Replace with a few words to describe what is pasted there through that link you added.
  • Now on the bottom left corner of the box is a little circle.  There are actually clock hands in side the circle. Hit the circle.
  • Add the year you want this link to be posted.  There is a six month schedule system in place hence the choice of year.
  • Then just keep choosing between he month / date/ hour and minute you want the feed to be posted.
  • Hit the schedule button.
  • You will now be notified that the feed has been scheduled.
  • A button is also there allowing you to see the future feed scheduling to be pushed into this fan pages system.  This of course allows all the administrators with their time management for that Fan Page.

Now to further use that same URL for other things…

Use of an external to Facebook platform that will capture and copy what is on your page and past it onto their curated page.  This creates a tentative link wheel allowing the information from one source to be utilized many different ways.  Note please write something different .. even altering what was written a small bit is enough to keep the Search Engine Optimizing Penguin and Panda out of your hair.  The Penguin and Pandas do not like the same stuff posted frequently throughout the net.  Their job then is either to slow or keep away the search engines from these pages.  Your social media measurements lessen dramatically. Not a good idea when you want and need the pull effect to start happening with what you are feeding t=into the system with all your hard work.





Would you remember this was a car show?   Use something  hat relates and inspires  the messages character of what you are expressing.

When reminding people of an event they are involved in or promoting something to outsiders tagging is a wonderfully intrusive method.  To a clubs logo add their name while in the comment box write the reminder dates, times and palace to meet. 





To tag someone into a photo/diagram means that you 

  • Open the photo or diagram up [described above]
  • Hit the tag button
  • Go to the picture
  • Use your mouse and tap once.  A box comes up so start typing a friends name. A drop box with possible names pops up so choose your friends name from here.  
  • Do this with several different people.
  • Hit then the ‘Done Tagging’ notice [ under the picture]

The picture this now sent to the people you have tagged timeline. If when you are tagging you also use the pages name then it to will pop into that pages time line.  Which is what you want to happen as these actions stimulate the Search Engine Optimisers as well as flowing through other peoples streams.  


 Be warned only do this to people you know who have given you permission and or reciprocated as well.  Again this is a ‘mention’ and as such is measured through the social measurement tools used.  As a thank you to the creator of that feed on which you are tagging for your own gains leave a message in a comment form. 





Active participating in a Facebook Page is both a qualitative and qualitative measurable approach to posting feed and thus strengthening your Social Media Amplification of content through the social media network.  Used with both wisdom and care, each participant gains useful tools such as knowledge, trust and a wider audience that they could have had before.








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