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2 step Twitter

Long may your outreach grow

Along with the good come the bad methods of actually getting things happening. More directly known as the White Hat verses Black Hat ideologies. However, somewhere in the middle you stand with what and how you manage your Twitter account/s. Twitter is now effecting the changed policies that, although aimed at the Back Hat methods, make a sizeable impact on the White Hat managed accounts. Changes directly affecting what time management and thus cost effextive applications you use with the servicing of your Twitter account – directly aimed at the unfollowing practices.

Let me explain. Platforms such as had a program where a person using their service could select up to one page worth of people who are not following them to be removals of 100 in less than minute. As a time management tool this assistance was wonderful.

There are times when you would find people following you in your own followers lit so you follow that someone just to find out a few minutes later they have unfollowed you as quickly. Commonly known as on of the Black Hat tricks.

In any given day should you be deemed to have been ‘aggressive marketing’ you would have received a warning notification. Continue you got a suspension. Something avoided at all costs.

Back to the basics

Twitter is a ‘Micro-blog’ communication tool allowing up to 140 character messages to go between you and me primarily in our Twitter streams. You can choose to make these messages so that others can see them.

  • Your primary aim being : Create a greater following. The strategy involves time management along with labour effectiverlty.
  • Objectives that come to mind being:  Increase quanifiable measurement results of actions, the quantifablle one is to interact with you followers through the provision of data for their interest and engagement fators.

Initially these are measured through the clicks and retweets obtained.

So what to do now.

The primary way is that you write a message say to myself using  the following twitter handle @cve4mejournal. The Twitter handle is the @ as the start..

@cve4mejournal Thank you for telling me this. And you tweet this. Unless Direct Messaged this tweet is seen only by your own followers.

Now this message Thank you @cve4mejournal for telling me this. Because your tweet actually starts before the recipients Twitter handle everyone within your stream and theirs will see that message. DanZarrella points out that “Tweets that contain the word “retweeted got more retweets than the average but fewer clicks”. However your Twitter handle is then rippled through the twitterspear and as your face is reconised the trust factors being to grow. The followers within the recipents followers may choose to now follow you as well when they trust you..

A second method is to just retweet the other persons message. Retweeted message have the ‘retweet’ within them..Again using DanZarrella information ” Tweets containing an@ sysmbol got more clicks, but fewer retweets.” In todays buzy work=ld people read things send to them by people they trust.  The down side is that usually these same readers judt do not have the time to scroll back to the top of the page and retweet.

The fact that you are open to retweeting is highlighted within your Twitter messages. People in business want the opportunity of you retweeting their message and they when the follow you for a time usually you benefit with measurearabe things such as Klout and Kred scores. Which combination % you choose to use to gain your desired clicks or reteend is up to you.

Now we are back at the beginning.  You open up your followers page and there fresh followers to follow. The choice is yours.

And this leaves

The people using black hat methods of following only to unfollow having a larger problem than yours when they are suddenly ‘stopped in their tracks’ and have to manually unfollow every single person they have duped into following them only to unfollow them quickly again. In the past causing you to be wasting your precious time.

So as you go to your unfollow assistance tools at least think of this as a positive. Grit your teeth and bear it when you realise you forgot to keep on top of the unfollowing practices you have established.

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